Service Upgrade & Repair

Don't Get Left in the Dark

Set up surge protection at your property in Brigham City, Logan & Ogden, UT

Surge protection is an important part of your electrical system. You don't want your power shorting out or overloading your circuits. Hawk Electrical can install whole-home surge protection to give you total peace of mind.

Call now to learn more about the surge protection installations we perform throughout Brigham City, Logan & Ogden, UT.

Make sure your electrical setup is safe

If something's wrong with your electrical system, you could be dealing with anything from higher power bills to electrical fires. Stay safe by getting an electrical inspection. If we find any problems, we can fix them before they get worse.

There's a lot we can do to bring your electrical system up to code. We can:

  • Upgrade your grounding system as a safety precaution
  • Hook up portable generators
  • Make sure your wiring is done properly

Contact us today to schedule an electrical inspection in Brigham City, UT.